First Steps

When you first rez your "Bloomies" (baby shroomies) you will need to bloom them into shroomies, to do this, click on them, wait a second and click again.

The shroomie will rez, and the position it rezzes at will be considered it's "Home" position, and be frozen.

The home position is the center point of a square in which the shroomie can roam. by default the square is 6x6 meters, or a range of 3.

You may want to move your shroomie to another spot, then click "set home" from the shroomies dialog menu. You can also adjust the range. (the range is how far in all directions the shroomie can roam from it's home position.)

Once that is decided, you can unfreeze the shroomie, by clicking on the freeze button so it becomes unchecked. Or if you'd rather it remain still (for example in a market situation), you can leave it frozen.

Note: Shroomies are animesh, and although you should be able to click on their feet to get the dialog menu up, sometimes you may need to right click and "touch".


Shroomies should be fed to keep them happy. Unhappy shroomies don't reproduce. Shroomies are fed by clicking on them and clicking "feed" from the menu. No separate purchase of food is required.


Female shroomies will breed at age 10, then every 10 days after. A shroomie will only carry one bloomie at a time, so select bloom from the menu right away!

Male shroomies will breed at age 10 and have a cooldown of 3 days. Rejected males have a cooldown of 1 day. When a female is looking for a mate, it calls. any eligible male will respond, but only one will be chosen to mate with.

At age 120 shroomies retire and no longer reproduce.


Shroomies do not die of natural causes. If you mess with the scripts or contents of a shroomie it will probably die though. Don't do that.


By default, shroomies that come of age will breed with any other shroomies that belong to you that are reasonably close. There are two options to give you more control over which shroomies breed with which.


If interbreeding is checked on, the shroomie will be able to breed with other peoples shroomies, that is it won't be restricted to your own.


Pairing allows you to pair off two shroomies that will only breed with each other. This should work with interbreeding, and eliminate rejection cool downs.


Shroomie top indicates the shown trait of the shroomie.

There are 5 categories of traits:

Starters can be common, uncommon or rare at random. They also carry a hidden trait which can be common, uncommon rare or "hidden".

When shroomies breed, the baby or "bloomie" will take on one trait from each parent, either the shown trait or the hidden trait.

One will become the bloomie's shown trait and one the hidden trait.

Specials are like starters but are guaranteed to have the special trait as it's shown trait. Specials will be sold separately or given away as promotions.


Shroomies prefer hand-me-down overalls, and will usually be born with the same overalls as either their mother or father. Occasionally they will have random new overalls at birth.


Starters have random eyes, bloomies have eyes the same as one of their parents.


Mittens are completely random. You can also change the mittens at any time by entering the RGB colour code into the menu option "mittens".

Secondary Markets

Bloomies (and Shroomies) can be sold / auctioned freely. There is no "suggested" minimum / maximum price.


From time to time there may be updates to shroomies, when this happens, an update cube will be provided. To use the update cube, rez it near your shroomies, touch the shroomie you wish to update, and select update from the dialog menu.

The shroomie should disappear and the update cube will become full. Click the update cube to rez the shroomie out again. It will be frozen and need to have it's pairing and interbreeding options reconfigured.

Move the update cube out of the way and repeat for each shroomie you want to update.